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Advantages of an Independent Consultant

Outsourcing insurance matters to an independent consultant has long-term economic benefits for companies, above all cost control and risk management. Cost control does not refer only to lower insurance premiums but also increased control over expected and unexpected costs as well as finding the risks that a company can control on its own. When planning insurance for a company, it must be considered that the company gets insurance above all for protection against risks that can threaten its business.

LAB3 Services

We provide:

Strategy and Consulting

Insurance planning starts with reviewing and determining risks in a company. Risks can be classified according to their type, frequency and value. Based on that, a strategy is formulated for each type of insurance, including insurance risks, insured value, any deductibles, etc.

After determining the contents of each insurance, quotes from various insurers are gathered, reviewed and compared, focusing especially on content and insurance coverage to find the optimal solution for you. When the insurance is in effect, it has to be properly administered to ensure timely renewal. Damages and claims are also regularly monitored. We can provide assistance with complex insurance claims and the adaptation of existing insurance to new risks.


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