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How to Claim Damages

Damage Claims

A common question is when to file a claim. A claim has to be filed as soon as you find out about the damage and are able to report it. We can assist and advise you with that.

Property Insurance Claim

  1. Make sure that you are safe first.
  2. Check if further damage to property can be prevented.
  3. Do not alter the evidence about the damage. If that is inevitable, take photos of the evidence first.
  4. Report the damage to the police (crime or fire).
  5. Notify your insurance broker and insurer as soon as possible.
  6. Fill in and file a damage claim with your insurer.
  7. If you need advice with the claim, contact your insurance broker. Note that not all damages might be covered or they might be covered only up to a certain sum.

Car Insurance

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